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Produces eco-friendly, sustainable and innovative.

Organic Cotton with Blended



Organic Cotton with Blended 

Organic Cotton farming does not use synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.

Growing Organic Cotton does not damage the soil, environment or human health.

Organic Cotton farming does not poison farm workers or their families.

Organic farming saves the lives of countless bird, fish and land animals -- humans included.

Organic certifications will not allow genetically modified (GMO) fibers to be labeled organic, therefore Organic Cotton is GMO-free.

Organic Cotton is produced in natural colors or dyed using low-impact enviro-friendly dyes.

Purchasing 2 pairs of men's boxer shorts will eliminate 1/4 of an lb of the chemicals that would be used to produce the same underwear using conventional cotton.

Organic Cotton is much softer and stronger as fibers are not broken down by chemical processing.